Zhu Scalp Acupuncture is effective for treating neurological disorders, pain, and movement problems. Specific locations on the scalp, shown below, correspond to each part of your body.

Acupuncture needles are inserted superficially into the skin of the scalp to alleviate pain and improve movement in any part of your body. While the needles are in place, you will be free to move the affected body part. For example, if you are experiencing lower back pain while bending over, then this motion can be repeated while the needles are in to confirm effectiveness.

Scalp AcupunctureUsing the Zhu Scalp Acupuncture method together with dao yin (‘mindful movement’) you are able to form new connections between the brain and the body. The body reestablishes range-of-motion without the brain perceiving these normal motions as painful or incorrect, which can otherwise lead to overcompensation and tightness. The acupuncture needles facilitate the brain-body connection and enable the circuitry of the body – the qi/energy, nerves, and blood flow – to function smoothly. This smooth flow of information between the brain and body allow the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to work optimally without limitation or pain.

Positive results can be achieved relatively quickly. However, the longer the dysfunctional pattern has been present, the longer it may take to reestablish healthy patterns and motions. Initially, I may give a very rough estimate of how long treatment may be required. For instance, it may take month of working together for each year that you have had an ailment. Often the results are attained faster; occasionally they are attained slower. The journey of healing is unique for each person. Between the initial visit and second visit is an elucidating time – it’s very informative to note how long the results of the first treatment lasted. For example, was pain reduced from a level of 8 out of 10 to zero out of ten 10 for 1 hour? Or was it reduced from a level or 7 out of 10 to a level of 4 out of 10 for 3 days? Once this initial assessment is made, a more refined projection for frequency and duration of treatment becomes possible.

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