Cinda van Lierop, L.Ac.

Licensed Practitioner of
Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Acupuncture, & Herbology

I am deeply interested in the mind-body connection, as well as how the body’s natural energy affects overall health.  I first explored this connection as an undergraduate at U.C. Santa Cruz , majoring in Neuroscience.  I then earned my Masters of Science degree in Chinese Medicine from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM), here in San Francisco.  In addition to clinical experience at ACTCM’s Community and Auricular Clinic, I have worked at Jewish Home for the Aged, California Pacific Medical Center (post-acute rehabilitation).  For five years I have worked at Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic, providing Chinese Medicine to low income women with advanced cancer.

Within the hospitals and community clinics in Hangzhou, China at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University further advanced my training with a focus on orthopedics and neurological disorders.

I have completed advanced certification, studying and practicing more than 200 hours with Master Qing-Ming Zhu .  Dr. Zhu’s technique of scalp acupuncture to treat severe neurological conditions is world renown and results obtained by this system are unsurpassed.

A life-long student of various modalities of healing has led me to utilize my hands directly as instruments of diagnosis and treatment utilizing cranial sacral techniques of the Upledger Institute, as well as in-depth study of internal/visceral organ and neuromeningeal manipulation with trainings from the Barral Institute.  The addition of these strategies to my well-established practice of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine enable a broad approach and choice of the most effective treatment strategy for any indication from severe traumatic brain injury to spinal stenosis to neuropathy or anxiety and/or insomnia.  The potential for resetting the brain and body are limitless.

I feel fortunate to have discovered the power of Chinese Medicine first-hand early in my life.  My quest for effective and profound treatment of severe disorders leads me to continually broaden my medical and clinical expertise of pain, dysfunction, neurological disorders, and cancer treatment. As a practitioner of this medicine, I am passionate about understanding and explaining health in a way that is useful and applicable to daily life and longevity.



Marin Clinic Location:
5 Bon Air Road, Suite 127
Larkspur, CA 94939

About Chinese Medicine

Your body, mind, and spirit have the ability and intelligence to heal themselves.  The tools to reach your optimal state of health include keeping the body nourished with healthy food, to ensure smooth digestion, rejuvenating daily with adequate sleep, and discovering your personal techniques for coping and diffusing the stresses of life.

Chinese Medicine is an ancient practice, over 5,000 years old, where organ systems and their associated meridians are used to diagnose and treat imbalances within the body.

The sea dragon is a unique and fascinating endangered animal that lives off the southern coast of Australia and New Zealand.  This animal appears at first glance to be a bizarre and beautiful type of algae, however upon closer inspection you see the large perceptive eyes and long seahorse-like nose, as well as its small iridescent fins that propel it horizontally in the water.

This animal was chosen to represent the identity of the Sea Dragon Acupuncture clinic because symbolically, like qi, the existence of this amazing creature challenges belief and invites deep contemplation.  Based upon the principles of Chinese medicine there is no separation of plant from animal as the integration of herbal medicine with health and acupuncture is limitless.