The various forms of massage are utilized and integrated into treatments as needed at Sea Dragon Acupuncture, all having their unique benefits to promote healing.

Massage styles and tools include:

  • MassageTuina (pronounced “twee nah”): Chinese massage which used techniques of pressing, kneeding, rolling, and lengthening to promote mobility of joints and freedom of circulation for Qi, oxygen, and blood to flow through the meridians of the body. Sports injuries, sciatica, and low back pain are commonly treated with these techniques.
  • Shiatsu: Japanese massage is a relaxing form of massage where the practitioner gently and firmly presses and stretches along the meridian lines to lengthen the body and invigorate the flow of energy and blood.
  • Gua sha: using either the fingers or a smooth curved tool made of jade, the practitioner facilitates the fascia and muscle tissues to release spasms, knots, tension, inflammation, and scar tissues that prevent comfortable movement and full range of motion.
  • Hot stone massage: naturally smooth stones of various sizes and shapes are warmed in hot water to act as a soothing iron which relaxes and softens tight and painful muscles.