A meditation for transforming negative thoughts

Dr. Richard Miller has written this short Yoga Journal article, Transforming Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts With Meditation, as part of a series of tools to enhance your meditation practice.  He guides you through a meditation for mindfully holding negative ideas then their opposing positive thoughts in your body to feel how those messages inhabit you.  Then you are invited [...]

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The various functions of brain waves: beta, alpha, theta, and delta

In an ongoing effort to become more mindful and take advantage of deep relaxation amidst our chaotic lives, here is a Scientific American article which explains of our different brain waves and examples of when we find ourselves in each. The author and researcher, Anna Wise, has two excellent books which further outline the different brain [...]

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How meditation can clarify your perception of reality

Here is an interesting article about the use of meditation to clarify the mind to decipher what is real and the stories which we tell ourselves.  There is a recommended book called, Sapiens, within the article whose author, Yuval Harai, writes about the history of mankind; it has been widely referenced by folks like Bill [...]

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